amanda and samba-1.9.17alpha5 smbclient backups

Todd Pfaff todd at
Tue Aug 19 16:12:28 GMT 1997

On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, Ernie Oporto wrote:

> I submitted my patch to make the new Samba 1.9.17 work with Amanda
> for PC backups to the samba code team, but they are reluctant to change the
> code, since my patch uses fprintf's to write to stderr rather than the more
> flexible system they're using.  They want to release the new samba on
> Friday, so I'd like to get this worked out before that.
> Since smbclient has a -E flag to print to stderr, and the new beta of
> amanda uses that flag, I'd like to use that.  However, I'm getting the
> following error mailed back in the quoted text below.  I think this is just
> a configuration problem, so once I get past this, I'm betting it'll all
> work as before.  *Fingers crossed*  *Knock on wood*  Note that I'm not
> getting a sendsize.debug out of any of this.

i think we need the following changes to amanda- work with 

the '-d 3' option is needed to ensure the debug level is 3 so that the
line (from samba-1.9.17alpha5 client.c):

  DEBUG(3, ("Total bytes listed: %d\n", dir_total));

is sent to the debug file, and the '-E' option may be needed so that the
debug file is set to standard error if you've compiled with -DSYSLOG.

unfortunately, the 'log level' or 'debug level' setting in smb.conf seems
to override the '-d debuglevel' setting on the smbclient command line.
i tried several tests, changing the log level in smb.conf and running the
command lines:

smbclient \\\\host\\share PASSWORD -U backup -c 'archive 0;recurse;dir'

smbclient \\\\host\\share PASSWORD -U backup -c 'archive 0;recurse;dir' -d 3

and editing the 'log level' setting in smb.conf.  the solution seems to be
to remove the 'log level' from smb.conf and use the smbclient '-d 3' 
option or set 'log level = 3' in smb.conf.

a question for the samba people: should the smb.conf debug level setting
override the command line option?  i would think it would be more flexible
if the default debug level came from smb.conf and any command line debug
level would override this default.  from the smb.conf mand page:

  debug level (G)
     The value of the parameter (an  integer)  allows  the  debug
     level  (logging level) to be specified in the smb.conf file.
     This is to give greater flexibility in the configuration  of
     the system.
     The default will be the debug level specified on the command

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