amanda and samba-1.9.17alpha5 smbclient backups

Ernie Oporto ernie_oporto at MENTORG.COM
Tue Aug 19 16:26:51 GMT 1997

I verified that it works if the line is changed from 

DEBUG(3, ("Total bytes listed: %d\n", dir_total));


DEBUG(0, ("Total bytes listed: %d\n", dir_total));

without having to modify smb.conf.  I don't think adding the "Total" line to
everyone's everyday smbclient outputs will affect anyone too badly.

When I added the -E flag with the above to the following areas, it all
worked with the stock samba-1.9.17.  Since this is now included in
amanda-2.4.0 (still didn't get it working), we can suggest the following
changes, or just consider moving to the new stuff.

diff amanda.stock/client-src/selfcheck.c amanda.real/client-src/selfcheck.c
<           sprintf(cmd, "%s %s %s -U backup -W %s -c quit", SAMBA_CLIENT,
>           sprintf(cmd, "%s %s %s -E -U backup -W %s -c quit", SAMBA_CLIENT,
<           printf("running %s %s XXXX -U backup -W %s -c quit",
>           printf("running %s %s XXXX -E -U backup -W %s -c quit",
diff amanda.stock/client-src/sendbackup-gnutar.c amanda-.real/client-src/
<                           "-U", "backup",
>                           "-E", "-U", "backup",
diff amanda.stock/client-src/sendsize.c amanda.real/client-src/sendsize.c

<           execl(SAMBA_CLIENT, "smbclient", sharename,
<                 "-U", "backup", "-W", am_getsize_share->domain, "-c",
>           execl(SAMBA_CLIENT, "smbclient", sharename,
>                 "-E", "-U", "backup", "-W", am_getsize_share->domain, "-c",

At 12:12 PM 8/19/97 -0400, Todd Pfaff wrote:
>On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, Ernie Oporto wrote:
>> I submitted my patch to make the new Samba 1.9.17 work with Amanda
>> for PC backups to the samba code team, but they are reluctant to change the
>> code, since my patch uses fprintf's to write to stderr rather than the more
>> flexible system they're using.  They want to release the new samba on
>> Friday, so I'd like to get this worked out before that.
>> Since smbclient has a -E flag to print to stderr, and the new beta of
>> amanda uses that flag, I'd like to use that.  However, I'm getting the
>> following error mailed back in the quoted text below.  I think this is just
>> a configuration problem, so once I get past this, I'm betting it'll all
>> work as before.  *Fingers crossed*  *Knock on wood*  Note that I'm not
>> getting a sendsize.debug out of any of this.
>i think we need the following changes to amanda- work with 
>the '-d 3' option is needed to ensure the debug level is 3 so that the
>line (from samba-1.9.17alpha5 client.c):
>  DEBUG(3, ("Total bytes listed: %d\n", dir_total));
>is sent to the debug file, and the '-E' option may be needed so that the
>debug file is set to standard error if you've compiled with -DSYSLOG.
>unfortunately, the 'log level' or 'debug level' setting in smb.conf seems
>to override the '-d debuglevel' setting on the smbclient command line.
>i tried several tests, changing the log level in smb.conf and running the
>command lines:
>smbclient \\\\host\\share PASSWORD -U backup -c 'archive 0;recurse;dir'
>smbclient \\\\host\\share PASSWORD -U backup -c 'archive 0;recurse;dir' -d 3
>and editing the 'log level' setting in smb.conf.  the solution seems to be
>to remove the 'log level' from smb.conf and use the smbclient '-d 3' 
>option or set 'log level = 3' in smb.conf.
>a question for the samba people: should the smb.conf debug level setting
>override the command line option?  i would think it would be more flexible
>if the default debug level came from smb.conf and any command line debug
>level would override this default.  from the smb.conf mand page:
>  debug level (G)
>     The value of the parameter (an  integer)  allows  the  debug
>     level  (logging level) to be specified in the smb.conf file.
>     This is to give greater flexibility in the configuration  of
>     the system.
>     The default will be the debug level specified on the command
>     line.
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