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Johnny Nordman johnny.nordman at z.lst.se
Tue Aug 19 09:05:00 GMT 1997


I use Samba 1.9.15p6 on a SPARCstation 4 running Solaris 2.5
I use it as  printserver for about 170 Win95 clients. 

Samba is the only application running on the machine.

Performance is very good but sometimes printing suddenly stops and I have to reboot the machine. There is no time for checking processes etc.

Messages file on the unix machine says "out of processes". 

1. Is this a known problem? 

2.  Should I upgrade to a later Samba-version?  

3.  Maybe  increasing maxuser in /etc/system should solve the problem? But it does not feel like the correct way to solve the problem.

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