Samba and AFS

Helge MEINHARD, CERN-ECP Helge.Meinhard at
Fri Aug 15 14:44:24 GMT 1997

I think I have come across what seems to be a bug in the interplay between
Samba and AFS. I'm running 1.9.16p11 on an IBM RS/6000 (AIX 4.1.5) with the
AFS support included (AFS 3.4a). The client machine is running Windows 95.

I've created an AFS area which is writeable (rlidwk) to an AFS protection 
group. The group contains two AFS users, say user1 and user2. If user1
creates a file in the area, user2 can - correctly - do whatever she likes
with the file when using AFS client software directly. However, the file
created by user1, with its ownership of user1, is marked read-only on the
W95 client PC when connected to Samba as user2. There does not seem to be
any way to remove the read-only attribute from the W95 client. (By creating
new files in sensitive areas, we have verified that the Samba server process
is running with an AFS token for user2.)

This behaviour makes me suspect that Samba looks at the ownership of the
files even under AFS and perhaps the attributes for group and other users,
which is all fairly meaningless under AFS... Is this possible?



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