more details about printing..

Fyodor Yarochkin fygrave at
Fri Aug 15 10:46:40 GMT 1997

here are additional things i found on my system:
 in /tmp dir i found such files..
 istc_c.b01855*  lpq.0001349a
01765vaa        istc_c.a01855*  istc_c.c01855*
while printing from istc_computer.. all iscr* files contain some binary
 data, lpq file has :no entries: phrase...
 also, in
i found such things:
( connect to service lx1500 as user ivc (uid=541,gid=100) 
(pid 53( closed connection to service lx1500
( connect to service lx1500 as user pcguest 
in log.smb i have:
No path in service printers - using /tmp

 which perhaps mean no error, but the thing that it uses tmp dir for saving
 temp files right?

 all i figured to do for additional testing is:
BlackStar:/usr/samba/bin# ./testprns lx1500
Looking for printer lx1500 in printcap file /etc/printcap
Printer name lx1500 is valid.
Service parameters [lx1500]:
        comment: epson lx1500
        path: /tmp
        create mask: 0700
        guest ok: Yes
        print ok: Yes
        printer: lx1500

and such thing i found in testparam:
  fake oplocks: No
        print command: lpr -r -P%p %s
        lpq command: lpq -P%p
        lprm command: lprm -P%p %j
        lppause command:
        lpresume command:
        printer driver: NULL
maybe i should change it some way? it says printer:... should i set 
printer name or device here?

 ah besides what could it mean if i found :
WINS server did not respond to name registration!
in log.nmb?

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