Suggestion: Removable device shares

Charlie Brady cbrady at
Thu Aug 14 00:47:08 GMT 1997

> From: Bob Franklin <R.C.Franklin at>
> Just a suggestion; apologies if there's already a way to do this, but...

Indeed there is. Use a custom "dfree command" for the removable share. It
can check whether the removable device is mounted or not.

> I have several shares on my server which are for removable devices (ZIP 
> drive, CD-ROM drives, etc.) and so are not always mounted.  When they 
> aren't mounted, the volume size / used information corresponds to the 
> filesystem in which the mount point lies (as you'd expect).
> To make things clearer, could we have a 'removable device = yes' option 
> in smb.conf (or something like that) which makes the share unavailable if 
> no filesystem is mounted at the root of the share (or at least, if this 
> causes problems, makes the disk size / used = 0).

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