Samba & Daylight savings time (was Re: Linux smbfs 2.0.29...)

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Thu Aug 14 00:52:58 GMT 1997

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> >I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with daylight savings time
> >handling between Linux and NT 4.0.
> Not since I started synching with SNTP.
> check the URL
> I have setup a virtual host which discusses time issues on my domain. All
> machines are at stratuum II, with stratum  III for the WinNT machines. With
> continuous time-sync, daylight savings time, on NT, is not an issue any
> longer. Although I'm sure that Bill the Gator would not approve, since he
> can't get richer from it.
> The programs I mention on the site are also available for Win95 and WfW.
> This is not a Samba issue.

Unless something has changed in the 1.9.17 series, there is a samba issue
related to DST. Samba calculates a time offset when it starts up, then
uses this unchanged forever. If you are starting "smbd" from inetd, this
is usually good enough. If however you run smbd as a daemon, the time
offset will become wrong on the transitions to and from daylight savings
time, resulting in a one hour disrepency in time until smbd is restarted.

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