Samba renaming directories problem.

Mon Aug 11 11:37:35 GMT 1997

Hello, Samba and Unix gurus.
On my  1.9.16p11 Samba server (running on Linux 2.030) I got a very
problem:    1. I can create any files or directories with any clients.
                    2. I can delete any files or directories.
                    3. I can rename any files.
                    4. But I can't  rename any created directories !

All clients (including W3.11,W95 & smbclient respond with "access
With any levels of debug smbd says:
ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.) renaming files
The problem is definitely not  with national charsets or user
permissions (I use
usual US charset and can access files and directories in other cases
except for the renaming directories). Surely I can rename directories
when work from command line.
In archives, I have seen problems, described like Win95->Create
Folder->New Folder->typing name->permission denied->   created  folder
"new folder" and can't
rename it.  May be this is the same problem, but I found no solution in
I use SAMBA server with shadow passwords support. My smb.conf is
trivial (just a variation of a sample one) so I consider publishing it
      If  anybody have ideas, please respond.
      Thanks in advance.
                                                  Dan Kharitonov. (
dan at

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