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Peter Blake ppb at
Sun Aug 3 08:08:11 GMT 1997

On Fri, 1 Aug 1997 mfrattola at wrote:

> Hi,
> I've a strange problem with samba 1.9.15pl4 and an Epson LQ2070 printer (not
> that I think that samba release or printer type are relevant ..). I'm using
> samba with linux to offer print share to a win3.11 LAN. A little drawing:
> Win PC <----> File Server <----> Axis print server <----> printer
>               (spool dir)
> The printer is connected to an Axis printserver and works fairly well. That
> means it prints jobs, but refuses to delete files. Take this example:
> 1. user a wants to print his letter.doc Word file
> 2. file letter.doc goes from his ws to file server spool directory
>    (usually - i.e. on other server - I don't see this file being created)
> 3. file gets printed
> 4. file letter.doc is not removed
> Since I see that .seq is incremented after each print, I suppose that files get
> copied, then a print job (kind of df123-abs file name) is created, it's printed
> and deleted, but not the original file.
> I've set up many print servers with samba, and had this problem in the past, but
> don't remember how I fixed it.
> I checked this setup with others, but I'm missing an obvious difference.
> print command is "/bin/lpr -P%p %s; /bin/rm %s"
> spool dir permissions are set to drwxrwxrwt root.lp
> printing is public, bsd type
> public user is guest


I get the strangest feeling that the user wants the print server to delete
the original letter.doc file.


Peter Blake
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ppb at

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