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Fri Aug 1 00:25:25 GMT 1997

> Subject: Configuration Query
> I'm looking at using Linux/Samba in a lab environment.  What I'd like is
> for the Win95 Machines to connect as the default guest user normally, ie
> read-only.  But, if I log in as let's say, SambaAdmin, it prompts for a
> password and will allow writing to that shared resource.  I've tried
> a couple of different settings, but regardless of how I log into the
> Microsoft Client, it will always connect me to that resource as the
> default guest.  Has anybody figured out this, or am I just overlooking
> the obvious.
If I understand your question correctly, the solution might be a matter
of modifying the file permissions on your file server.

In our case, we have a generic guest account that has readonly access on
the file server in our lab.  This is used to sync the lab clients to the
server so that all the required application files, settings etc are

Once the sync is complete the user logs in.  Students have readonly
access to the server, but the files are owned by an admin account which
has write access - if you log in as the admin you can make file mods.
This requires no tweaking of the smb.conf, it's only a matter of setting
your server's file ownerships and permissions.

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