Net use problem (fwd)

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Fri Aug 1 04:58:00 GMT 1997

You can find words about the guest account from HINTS.txt, BROWSING.txt, and 
smb.conf man page, etc., documents. The following are some excerpts might 
helpful to you.

Services other than guest services will require a password to access
them. The client provides the username. As many clients only provide
passwords and not usernames, ....

Some people find browsing fails because they don't have the global
"guest account" set to a valid account. Remember that the IPC$
connection that lists the shares is done as guest, and thus you must
have a valid guest account.

If the service is a guest service then a connection is made as
the username given in the "guest account =" for the service,
irrespective of the supplied password.

From: 	Nicole Elliott
Sent: 	Thursday, July 31, 1997 11:50 AM
To: 	Xiaoduo Sun
Subject: 	Re: Net use problem (fwd)

> It's not a net use problem, but a logic problem --- at least from my 
> experience. How can the samba server know who you are when you net use e: 
> \\javaws1\pclient first? You probably didn't setup guest account (which I 
> don't prefer either because it may confuse the user in, for eg., your case), 

> so you couldn't see pclient entry in javaws1 without letting the server know 

> your id first. net use e: \\javaws1\userid actually tells the server who you 

> are if you have an account in the server and your login name and home 
> directory name are same as the userid.
> 	Hope this helps.
> Dennis Sun
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Interesting point.  You're right about the guest account.  I did
set it up.  Now I can connect any way I want.  It still asks for 
my password, and smbstatus shows my id as being connected to the
appropriate shares.  

Hmmmm.  Where can I read up on the guest account entry.
It seems to do more than I thought.

Thanks for your help.
"Is anyone out there?"

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