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Ross, where did you send the problem to? I've been told to send issues to


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On May 29, 2006, at 4:31 PM, bradhamilton wrote:

> Ross Smith wrote:
>> A quick question to the list:  Has anyone installed HP's alpha 
>> release?
> Hi Ross,
> Thanks for reporting here.  I've not installed CIFS, because I don't 
> have V8.2 of VMS (yet).  I was also leery at first, because of the 
> supposed requirement for the TCP/IP (nee UCX) stack.  I'm given to 
> understand that is working to allow CIFS to work with 
> TCPware/Multinet.

Oh.  I should mention the disclaimer.  I also use Multinet.  But if you
follow the instructions in 2.2.8 for using MN and force the HP installation
to completion (it advises you to quit the installation, but you decline) you
set Samba to use MN using the 2.2.8 and the HP Samba information as a guide.
And it works, which you'd expect, except for issues that don't seem to be in
any way related to the stack you are using.

Since I have the old and the new Samba installs in different places I can
start either one after a boot.

> Thanks also for your initial evaluation, and please keep us informed 
> of future developments.  I'd like to see CIFS succeed, so I'm hoping 
> that HP will work with you to get the reported problems resolved.  Can 
> anyone from HP who "lurks" here be able to help?
> [...]


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