Having problems running Samba in multi-user environment with sharedfiles on VMS. (Help)

David J Dachtera djesys at comcast.net
Wed Sep 14 00:01:27 GMT 2005

Hi, Len, 

At 02:16 PM 09/13/2005 -0700, Len Whitwer wrote:
>I am running Samba (2.8) on an Alpha ES40 (7.3) VMS and everything
>works great until we run multi-user with application software on our
>PC's. PC systems get hung up!!!!!!
>I would appreciate any help I can get along these lines.

As far as I know, many PC programs aren't real good at file sharing because
many PC programmers don't really understand the concept.

That said, do you know if this works using a Windows server instead of
Samba? If not, I wouldn't expect Samba to behave any differently.


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