Having problems running Samba in multi-user environment with shared files on VMS. (Help)

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Mon Sep 19 13:01:27 GMT 2005

Len Whitwer wrote:
> I am running Samba (2.8) on an Alpha ES40 (7.3) VMS and everything
> works great until we run multi-user with application software on our
> PC's. PC systems get hung up!!!!!!

> I would appreciate any help I can get along these lines.

There have been no SAMBA 2.8 releases that I have been aware of.

There have been many SAMBA 2.2.8 releases for OpenVMS, and the date code 
that goes with them can be very significant in diagnosing problems.  If 
your copy of SAMBA 2.2.8 does not have a date code in the name of the 
distribution kit, it is very ancient.

The file locking/sharing behavior has been one of the changes.

Please make sure that you have the latest one from:


wb8tyw at qsl.network
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