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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Sat Feb 12 13:11:32 GMT 2005

Victorio Pasamontes wrote:
> Hi All
> Can somebody please help me get started whit SAMBA on VMS? My problem
> is that I think that SAMBA is installed ok in our vms
> server, but I don't know how to configure it on vms.

The same way it is configured on Unix, but some of the options do not 
work yet.

And unless you can give some details of what version of OpenVMS, TCPIP 
vendor and stack, and the release of SAMBA you have currently installed, 
it is more possible that you will get wrong answers than correct ones.

The latest well tested release is at:

Per the posting that came a day after yours.

> Somebody know how to configure the smb.conf on vms?

Your favorite editor or if installed the SWAT program.

> what is the format?

Standard text file.

> what do I need to modify in smb.conf and how to add samba´s
> users.   what is the right command on vms?

Same as on UNIX, you have to set them up as foreign commands.

> This e-mail may contain confidential ...

Putting this on a newsgroup or mailing list posting is silly, and if 
taken seriously would require that no one answer your questions.

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