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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Mon Nov 1 19:24:57 GMT 2004

In article <A8521F62606D3E479A786385A44FBDB3C02CBA at>,
 "Tillman, Brian (AGRE)" <Brian.Tillman at> writes:
>  Brian Tillman wrote:
>> Here's my SMB.CONF file.  This was working before and I
>> haven't changed anything on the VAXes except for stopping and
>> restarting the NMBDs:=0D
> Can someone tell me if my SMB.CONF file is properly configured for=
>  authenticating against the UAF?

It sounds like the "guest account" validation is not working.  Some functions
effectively will not work with some clients with out the guest account
configured and the smb.conf set to map bad users to guest.

The last time I chased down this issue, the guest account needed write access
to it's own directory and to the TMP: directory which SAMBA 2.2.8 assigns
to SAMBA_ROOT:[TMP].  Older SAMBAs have used SAMBA_ROOT:[VAR].

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