Samba 2.2.8 not starting

Andreas W. Wylach aw at
Thu May 8 05:44:12 GMT 2003

Hey George,

that was it! Thanks very much for that hint!

But you is right, that seems to be a interactive solution only. I tried
to execute these commands in the startup at systemboot, but is not 
First i want to unterstand, why we got to issue these commands and why
the regular startup is not working. Is that a bug in the startup, btw
are we the only ones who got this problem?
But i gotta admit: This samba version is fast (just as fast as my
samba on the linux side, with the old samba 2.0.6 the coffee
consume was high .-) ) I love it!
Nice work done!


Andreas W. Wylach
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On Wed, 7 May 2003 georges.bert at wrote:

> Hello,
> Andreas W. Wylach <aw at> wrote:
> > When i start up samba with samba_startup, it gets registered with the
> > tcpip stack on my vms system. But the nmbd process dies right after the
> > startup...
> I found exactly the same problem on a VAX/VMS-7.1/UCX. One workaround
> is to work in "interactive" mode :
> $ assign /system """-i""" samba_nmbd_options
> $ del samba_root:[var.locks];
> $ @sys$startup:samba_startup
> I doesn't explain the problem but it's the only solution I've found !
> Georges
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