Samba 2.2.8 not starting

Andreas W. Wylach aw at
Sun May 4 06:45:08 GMT 2003

Hi everybody,

i downloaded the new samba version 2.2.8 for VAX/VMS and linked/installed
it just like described in the inst. Manual. Everything went thru fine,
no warnings, no other messages, that could give me a hint.
I double checked all permissions and file locations after the
installation. Everything looks fine.
When i start up samba with samba_startup, it gets registered with the
tcpip stack on my vms system. But the nmbd process dies right after the
startup. Looking at the log.nmbd, it spits out an error message:
(sorry can copy/paste the log with this terminal, but here is the
main problem i think:

[timestamp] standard input is not a socket, assuming -D option
[timestamp] Error: can't write to file /samba_root/var/locks/ bad
file number
The message comes from the write function in pidfile.c (line 110)

I re-linked everything, and since i got a dec c compiler i even
re-compiled evberything with no success.

my platform is a vaxstation 4000-60 running OpenVMS 7.3 with DEC
TCP/IP Services V5.1 Eco 4. The Compiler is DECC 6.4.

Hopefully i gave you guys enough information.

Any help or questions is greatly appreciated. 


Andreas W. Wylach
Software-Entwicklung - Parallele Metasuche nach Soft-, Free- und Shareware

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