patches to move ksmbd and cifs under new subdirectory

Linus Torvalds torvalds at
Tue May 23 17:34:48 UTC 2023

On Mon, May 22, 2023 at 11:39 PM Steve French <smfrench at> wrote:
> My reason for adding CONFIG_SMB_CLIENT, enabling CONFIG_SMB_CLIENT
> when CONFIG_CIFS was enabled, I was trying to make the Makefile more clear
> (without changing any behavior):

That sounds ok, but I think it should be done separately from the
move. Keep the move as a pure move/rename, not "new things".

Also, when you actually do this cleanup, I think you really should just do

  config SMB

  config SMB_CLIENT

to declare them, but *not* have that

        default y if CIFS=y || SMB_SERVER=y
        default m if CIFS=m || SMB_SERVER=m

kind of noise anywhere. Not for SMBFS, not for SMB_CLIENT.

Just do

        select SMBFS
        select SMB_CLIENT

in the current CIFS Kconfig entry. And then SMB_SERVER can likewise do

        select SMBFS

and I think it will all automatically do what those much more complex
"default" expressions currently do.

But again - I think this kind of "clean things up" should be entirely
separate from the pure code movement. Don't do new functionality when
moving things, just do the minimal required infrastructure changes to
make things work with the movement.


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