Does the CreateDisposition flag of a client depend on Server's response ?

varun mittal vmittal05 at
Fri Jan 27 18:14:07 UTC 2023


We are observing this behavior with Robocopy on Windows 10, where the same
client behaves differently against 2 different versions of Samba -
v/s Samba-4.9.5-Debian
We have set the max protocol to SMB2.

It sets FILE_OPEN for 4.4.4 and FILE_OPEN_IF with 4.9.5 for the directory
Our VFS module performs its own ACL checks which is misbehaving with the

While we are trying to fix our ACL checks to handle this, I am trying to
understand why would a client want to change that flag

The SMB2 spec says that the application decides the CreateDisposition flag.
Since the client is same in both cases, is there something in the initial
responses by the server that would cause this ?


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