increased `make test` logging in syslog with "debug syslog format = always"

Martin Schwenke martin at
Sat Aug 26 03:43:25 UTC 2023

Hi Douglas,

On Fri, 25 Aug 2023 15:15:59 +1200, Douglas Bagnall
<douglas.bagnall at> wrote:

> On 26/07/23 22:33, Martin Schwenke wrote:
> > 
> > Can we just call debug_file_log() directly when necessary, like this?
> >  
> The answer is yes.

Yippity!  :-)

> > [...]
> > I haven't tested this.  
> I did. It worked -- or at least it returned things to where they were at 
> some point in the past when syslog would get just the copyright lines 
> from every make test.

Thanks for testing it!

> I forgot about this all because I had `logging = file` in my working 
> tree's selftest/target/, which made even the copyrights shut up.

I also forgot about it.  Thanks for remembering...

> > If it is OK, I think we could also revert the changes to
> > dbghdrclass(), though we would be generating a header for no
> > reason... but I think we did that before.  

I ended up leaving those changes.  I can't remember why I thought they
could be reverted.  Looking again, I think they're all necessary to
force the syslog-style header for stdout/stderr and to handle the
switch from bool to enum.

I'd be happy to hear an an alternative explanation that says we don't
need those changes.  :-)

> Yeah. I will make an MR in a few days unless you do first.

I decided it was my turn to do the next part of this...

It is still going through CI, but I thought I'd create the MR.

peace & happiness,

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