Fwd: [PATCH][SMB client] send ChannelSequence number after reconnect

Steve French smfrench at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 04:51:10 UTC 2023

The ChannelSequence field in the SMB3 header is supposed to be
increased after reconnect to allow the server to distinguish
requests from before and after the reconnect.  We had always
been setting it to zero.  There are cases where incrementing
ChannelSequence on requests after network reconnects can reduce
the chance of data corruptions.

See MS-SMB2 and

Note that (as Tom Talpey pointed out) a macro  "CIFS_SERVER_IS_CHAN"
used by this patch is confusing (has a confusing name) since
multichannel is not supported for older dialects like CIFS.  I will
fix that macro name in a followon patch.




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