Status towards using OSU OSL for GitLab CI

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon May 9 01:58:27 UTC 2022

I've been looking into what the critical blockers are before we can
fire up the runners at OSU OSL for more than tests.

My current task list (which is what I'm working on, in this order) is:
 - provide API keys to so it can terminate old
Openstack hosts
 - test operation with only API keys and not original passwords

The next step would be
 - Reconfigure runner limits to per-cloud and to match our OSU OSL
 - Work out link or otherwise between
 - engage with SFC via the PLC to get commercial terms with OSU OSL

In terms of our fallback position:

I would note that while it would not be ideal to allow all our jobs to
run at Rackspace, the cost increase ($700 per month I think - 150,000
[avarage mins] / 60 [mins per hour] * 0.28 [price for smaller rackspace
VMs]) is not great, but not nightmare stuff either.

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