Regarding Mac os behaviour in samba domain

Prince Chaudhary chaudharyprince64 at
Sun Mar 27 16:36:10 UTC 2022

Hello team,
 I am writing this mail after spending two three months on understanding
samba and implementing on mixed os environment (window,mac,linux).

Samba domain works fine in case of linux and windows system,
But in case of mac when i am joining a mac machine to samba domain it join
properly and shows all domain users as well, all ok, but when i restart my
machine "other users" option which allow domain users to login won't appear.
I have to relogin in local user and then i have to logout then other user
options appear and then i am able to login with domain users.

Can you help me with this?,
Why this is happening and what should i do? To make it happen all i want
that other users option on login screen of mac os machine should always be
there whenever i restart my machine

Thank in advance
prince chaudhary

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