doing a test build of samba

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Mon Apr 4 10:30:51 UTC 2022


Not-too-long ago I discovered that samba build system has
at least 2 different "build modes" - one build for "this
directory" only, so it can be run directly from the build
dir, and another is an "install build", - the one it is
doing when told to install things (it recompiles quite
some objects and relinks almost everything).

Now I'm exploring the testsuite and how to use it.  But this
time, one has to configure it with  --enable-selftest.

I've been told that the --enable-selftest build should not be
used to install things for production.

Is it still the case today? Can one combine the two builds
somehow (say, one in bin/ and another in testbin/, or something
like that)?

Thank you!


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