Windows 2019 Server getting Invalid signature with Samba 4.7.11

Krishna Harathi krishna.harathi at
Thu May 28 23:25:18 UTC 2020

We are using Samba 4.7.11.

Windows 2019  Server SQL Backup  workload is failing (randomly) after running 5 to 6 hours with “invalid signature”, an instance of failure shown below.

Write on "XXXX.bak” failed: 0x80090006(Invalid Signature.)  Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Server YYYY, Line 1  BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.  Outcome: Failed  Duration: 08:06:20  Date and time: 2020-05-25 01:06:21     Date and time: 2020-05-25 01:06:21.  Process Exit Code 1.  The step failed.

I searched Samba buzilla and found but the fix is already in 4.7.11.

Is this a known issue or fix? Any help to resolve this is appreciated.


Krishna Harathi

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