GSOC 2020: Introduction and queries about the MS-PAR related project

Rajendra Prajapat raj.code.pra at
Sun Mar 22 16:24:42 UTC 2020

Hello Everyone

This is Rajendra Prajapat, 3rd-year computer science student from
IIIT-Dharwad, India. I am interested to work on the project idea "Print
System Asynchronous Remote Protocol Wireshark Dissectors" during GSOC-2020.
Last few days I was exploring MS-CIFS, MS-PAR and MS-RPRN protocols. I am
good at C, C++ and python programming. I have prior knowledge of working
with Wireshark.

I am not able to connect to IRC channel #samba-technical.

>From the idea page, I got to know about the following tasks

- Write Wireshark dissectors for MS-PAR

- Improve existing smbtorture tests, Which demonstrate how the protocol
works against a Windows server.

Please let me know where to get started for MS-PAR protocol and are there
any tasks, which we can do to improve the proposal before submitting it?

The link for Günther and Andreas' SambaXP presentation
not working on the idea page. Can you please provide the new link of the
Günther and Andreas' SambaXP presentation?


Rajendra Prajapat

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