Samba 4.12 rc3: bind DNS say "named: client update denied"

Rowland penny rpenny at
Sat Mar 14 17:42:22 UTC 2020

On 14/03/2020 16:45, Dario Lesca via samba-technical wrote:
> Il giorno sab, 14/03/2020 alle 15.45 +0000, Rowland penny via samba-
> technical ha scritto:
>> Both ;-), the record should be added when you join a Samba DC,
> What you means exactly with "when you join a Samba DC"?
> "join a PC to a Samba DC" or "join a Samba DC to a ..."?
> I think the first is right
Yes, When you join a DC the A record is added by samba_dnsupdate, a PC's 
records can be added before the 'net ads join', by the join, or after.
>> Ahh, a Windows DC will not have samba_dnsupdate,
> Yes, it not have. But here I do not use a Windows DC, it's a Samba DC.
> The Windows are the client.
> Why you say "a Windows DC" ? what does it mean?
Just what it says, a DC running on Windows.
>> you will probably have
>> to create the records manually with samba-tool or ADUC
> Yes I have do that initially.
> But now the record it's gone, I have remove it and I have un-join and
> re-join the win10a pc and join the new win10b
I am a bit confused here, is it the Samba DC's dns records that are not 
getting created, or is it the Windows client records ?
>> You are using the Fedora packages to provision a DC,
> Yes I use the Fedora packages for test it.
Thanks for testing them, but be aware that there are major problems with 
the Fedora packages, that is why they are marked experimental.
>> it looks like you might just have found another reason not use them
>> for a DC ;-)
> No eventually, if so, I have found another reason to fill a bug on
> RedHat Bugzilla.
Possibly, but it is Samba's code and if it is a bug, you should report 
it to Samba, not Red Hat.
> Since you tell me it should do it, this is a bug
I am not entirely sure it is a bug, it may be, but further testing is 


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