Using vfs_fruit alongside vfs_recycle

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Fri Mar 6 11:25:27 UTC 2020

Am 3/6/20 um 12:16 PM schrieb Ralph Boehme via samba-technical:
> Am 3/6/20 um 12:02 PM schrieb Isaac Boukris via samba-technical:
>> Hi,
>> The manpage of vfs_fruit states that "This module is not stackable
>> other than described in this manpage.", is this still correct?
> well, everything is is simply not tested systematically. Many
> combinations may work, with some you may run into issues...
>> I'm looking into a bug report which I can reproduce on master, where
>> usage of vfs_fruit alongside vfs_recycle causes an error log at level
>> 0 upon deleting a file, failing to find "._filename". So I wonder if
>> this configuration is unsupported or is there a logical bug here.
> Iirc I've never worked with systems where vfs_recycle was configured
> with fruit, so I haven't seen this before.
>> [2020/03/06 12:28:48.627691,  0]
>> ../../source3/modules/vfs_recycle.c:239(recycle_get_file_size)
>>   recycle: stat for ./._test.txt returned No such file or directory
> Hm, maybe just a too high log level in vfs_recycle?

Yeah, looking at the codepath in vfs_recycle that leads up to this
message it is going via unlink -> recycle_get_file_size. vfs_recycle is
assuming that any path passed to unlink must exist, otherwise it logs
the error.

Attached patch should fix it. Can you file a bugreport?


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