Samba 4.12 rc3: bind DNS say "named: client update denied"

Dario Lesca d.lesca at
Fri Feb 28 18:09:55 UTC 2020

Il giorno dom, 23/02/2020 alle 14.41 +0000, Rowland penny via samba-
technical ha scritto:
> Yes, stop using the script, you only really need it if you have Unix
> clients.

Today I have try what you suggested: stop using script.
Then I have remove from dhcpd.conf the "on {commit,release,expiry}"
sessions, restart dhcpd, remove with samba-tool from DNS the A and PTR
record added by the script, and power on win10a.
Into DC log I have get this message:
feb 28 18:54:18 addc1.fedora.loc named[718]: samba_dlz: starting
transaction on zone fedora.locfeb 28 18:54:18 addc1.fedora.loc
named[718]: client @0x7f128c3e5eb0 update
'fedora.loc/IN' deniedfeb 28 18:54:18 addc1.fedora.loc named[718]:
samba_dlz: cancelling transaction on zone fedora.loc
Also if I run on win10a the command "ipconfig /registerdns" I get these
I must unjoind and rejoin win10a to domain?

Dario Lesca
(inviato dal mio Linux Fedora 31 Workstation)

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