Buildbot cifs/smb3 testing improvements

Steve French smfrench at
Wed Mar 20 02:20:22 UTC 2019

Just added 2 more tests (339 and 450) to the cifs-testing group of
automated 'buildbot' tests, and 3 more tests to the Azure group (339,
450, 451), and thought it would be a good time to recap the progress

We now execute:
- 89 xfstest subtests in the 'cifs-testing' group (various servers),
some repeated with various configurations.  This is about 3x more
tests than were executed  four months ago when the buildbot was setup
and we had our first successful runs.
- 17 tests in the 'DFS' group
- 78 in the Azure testing group.  Just in this month we have added 14 tests.

Our goal is to continue to add tests as we fix more bugs and add more
cifs/smb3 features to reduce the possibility of regressions (it has
already been useful for that and caught a few potential regressions
before merges).   This is very exciting, and made possibly by good
work by Ronnie, Paulo and Aurelien.



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