[PATCH] check load printers prior to pcap cache update

David Disseldorp ddiss at samba.org
Tue Jan 29 12:34:44 UTC 2019

According to the smb.conf man page, the "load printers" smb.conf global
should have the following effect:

  A boolean variable that controls whether all printers in the printcap
  will be loaded for browsing by default.
  See the <smbconfoption name="printers"/> section for more details.

lp_load_printers() is currently only checked in the load_printers()
code-path prior to pcap_printer_read_fn(). It should also be considered
in the pcap_cache_reload() code path.

Review/push appreciated.

Patchset is attached, and can also be found at:

Cheers, David
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