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Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at
Fri Aug 9 07:56:27 UTC 2019

Hi Swen,

I gave you my approval.


Am 09.08.19 um 08:48 schrieb swen:
> Andrew, Christof, Matthias, Volker
> first of all I want to thank you for your reviews.
> It is not very often that I'm getting 4 team-members
> to review my patches.
> That brings me right away to my first point.
> Could some please push MR 679, 
> as it got now four RB+ but is still not pushed :-)
> Thanks for that in advance.
> Regarding the extensively discussed MR 677
> Most of the patchset is pushed already, thanks for that Andrew,
> but it does miss out on the hunks for talloc/testsuite.c
> After yesterdays initial modification (moving talloc_free() to the end)
> the gitlab-ci testruns failed.
> This caused Matthias and Andrew to remove their support for this patch.
> Because of this I removed the hunk in question (testsuite.c:1030) and
> passing the tests again.
> For this version Christof provided his RB+, so I believe it is good to
> go upstream if you (Andrew, Matthias) could revisite the changes and
> verify if you could support it again.
> Meanwhile, I figured what the issue (failing gitlab-ci) was.
> It was the move of the talloc_free() passed the torture_assert() check
> which verified the number of times the destructor was called.
> Obviously that number is different depending on where (before or after)
> the talloc_free gets called.
> I verified this by triggering another pipeline-run
> which does include the original hunk 
> (talloc_free() at the right position).
> As you can see, all gitlab-ci tests passed successfully.
> If you agree, I could resend this one patch seperately.
> I know this mail is getting a bit long now, but I don't want to miss
> the chance to point you on those 3 merge requests.
> lib: set right context for libnetapi_get_error_string to prevent
> memleak 
> Sswen torture fixes found by asan 
> loadparm: fix mem leak found by ASAN
> which fall into the same league as the ones discussed.
> Aiming for the option to run tests with ASAN support enabled.
> Therefore I would really appreciate if you could find some more time to
> have a look at those as well.
> Thanks again for your support.
> Cheers Swen

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