Suggestion: add subject-line tag for important 'must-read' emails

Tim Beale timbeale at
Tue Oct 23 00:42:36 UTC 2018


There are a lot of emails on the samba mailing lists: ~500-700 emails
per month on samba-technical. Sometimes I feel it's easy to miss
important points that every Samba developer should be reading. I skim
the email subject but I don't read every message, and I nearly missed
the advisory guidelines this morning.

One suggestion would be to tag important messages with '[MUSTREAD]' or
'[IMPORTANT]' the same way we add '[PATCH]' to emails. That would make
it easy to filter on these emails, to ensure they get read.

Another example is the Python 2.6 "{}".format() issues. I missed this
nugget of information, so continued to write incompatible Python code,
which resulted in more work for everyone. However, I would have happily
changed my behaviour if it had been more clearly pointed out to me.

Just a thought.


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