[PATCH] [WIP] AD DC backup and restore tool

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed May 16 10:14:16 UTC 2018

Bit of a feedback on this subject. 

>> On the flip side, a file-based backup will get non-replicated
>> attributes.  Each has their place. 
>> Tim will also be building on the basis of the online tool to provide a
>> new domain-rename feature, which should be quite handy.
>This is a very good idea, this topic comes up quite often.

Good idee, Yes, big time and No, also big time.  
I preffer NO.

If a domain name changes, how is samba going to handle the needed system changes. 
These get often forgotten or people mis changes, which will result in more list questions imo. 
Harder to detect problems, etc. 

Like the primary domain/search or /etc/hosts or howto handle the "clients" needed changes.
This is not a small thing. 

The idee is good, but, ive seen this idee for at least 15-20 years now in my windows/novell/samba (and other's) experiance.
And it (almost) always ends up with..   A clean install was better and less problems and quicker because of the resulting other problems. 
I've dont it a few times with success on windows 2000/2003/2008 but only 100% success before you join any pc and before production.

Once a server is in production, i dont do it, i know the risk, and the time it cost to fix things. 

Just some extra input here for a system engineers viewpoint.



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