[PATCH] Change CTDB to use a Samba-style configuration file

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Wed May 16 08:40:34 UTC 2018

This patch set changes CTDB to use a new ctdb.conf (as opposed to
ctdbd.conf) configuration file that has the same syntax as smb.conf.
This means that any new daemons that we introduce can read ctdb.conf

A couple of changes before that happens:


* ctdbd no longer creates database directories - installation (or
  the admin, for not default directories) does that

ctdbd_wrapper is nearly gone.  It can probably go away soon.

I have updates to WHATSNEW.txt around but, to avoid churn (and because
it is a bit wrong in some places), I'm not posting that yet.

Please review and maybe push...

peace & happiness,
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