Close all old samba "3" bugzillas ?

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Mar 22 17:51:33 UTC 2018

On Thu, 2018-03-22 at 12:49 -0400, Simo via samba-technical wrote:
> Should we vote on this ?
> Seem like the only one that raised objections is Björn but that doesn't
> mean all others agree one way or another.

Efforts are better spent on other things.  It is a DB, marking things
as closed doesn't really change how it works under the hood, and if
someone is looking at it then keep it as is.  

I've tried to do a triage (sometimes with incorrect results, but the
noise caused it to get a proper fix, so that is actually a win) before,
and that closed a fair few legitimately.  

If Björn wants to keep searching on and fixing old bugs, then all power
to him!

Andrew Bartlett
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