PATCH: better (maybe) tirpc detection patch

Günther Deschner gd at
Fri Mar 16 14:00:54 UTC 2018

Hi Noel,

The current checks should deal with wherever the rpc headers are located
already (we hoped). So what is the failure you get with the current code?


On 16/03/18 12:32, Noel Power via samba-technical wrote:
> On Suse at least currently we install the new tirpc headers by
> overwritting the existing system location used by gcc (I guess this is
> an effort to reduce the churn from the change) Other distros might do
> the same (but I intend to ask if we (suse) can change this).
> However with the possiblity that some other distros do the same and the
> fact the currently Suse does this the problem is that if you install
> tirpc samba config thinks that samba is still using the gcc provided
> headers and will not link in the required libraries (causing link
> failure) This patch detects if the the ipc headers found in the sytem
> patch below to tirpc
> Noel

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