[PATCH] samba-tool drs showrepl --summary

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at catalyst.net.nz
Sun Jun 10 22:02:17 UTC 2018

On 11/06/18 07:09, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> I have a fix for this, see attached.  Essentially we need to ignore
> deleted DSAs.  These only show up in the full test environment. 
> CI: https://gitlab.com/catalyst-samba/samba/pipelines/23590669
> Please review and push if the CI indicates

CI was not happy, though on the bright side its complaint was relevant and
not about nbt dgrams.

>> Also, if you could make it use self.runsubcmd() to call directly into
>> the samba-tool code rather than re-exec()ig python etc that would be
>> good.
> I've not done this bit yet and this is no different to the other code
> here so there may be a reason.

Yep, that other code led me to assume that DrsBaseTestCase lacked
runsubcmd(), but I see that's not so.

I can look at this again tonight.


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