Can you document your GitLab runner setup?

Noel Power nopower at
Tue Jul 3 09:18:08 UTC 2018

Hi Andrew,

On 03/07/18 00:53, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical wrote:
> G'Day Noel,
> Thanks for being such a great user of the new GitLab infrastructure. 
> While at SambaXP I helped you debug your GitLab runner setup, so that
> you could run the full build of Samba in a personal fork. 
> Can you document how that works?  I suspect some Samba developers would
> prefer to have a personal fork rather than a shared repo and it would
> be helpful to have an explanation on how to do that in the wiki.

I've made a start, I've created this page

Not sure where to link this from, if anyone has a good idea which
section of the wiki this would be best placed please feel free to
reference the page.

> If I recall, the key detail was to ensure the docker storage driver is
> set to dmmapper. 
I included an instruction for that
> Also, can we collaborate on a patch to have it avoid the swapon if
> there is already swap or there is enough memory?
Sure, but firstly I've on vacation for 2 weeks from end of today. Not
sure I recall what the issue was with this again, I must admit I haven't
been using the CI on my own project on gitlab lately at all, I've been
using the normal and
additionally our own internal gitlab instance. I should really go back
to using my own gitlab fork/clone :-) the only reason I am not doing
that is purely lazyness, the laptop I setup at sambxp with a runner I
found was just too underpowered and I already had my development desktop
setup with our internal gitlab instance. I will change my workflow when
I return from vacation :-)


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