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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Fri Jan 12 19:30:58 UTC 2018

On Sat, 2018-01-13 at 07:49 +1300, Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical
> G'Day All.
> I ran some tests overnight as promised.  
> The first thing to say is that we (sadly) need to drop Douglas'
> visualisation patches.  There are some python errors in the error cases
> which show up only at the end of a full run (because the DB has junk in
> it) that are not handled.

Once I started looking at branches, I see a workaround for that has
been written.  Thanks!

> Then I think we need to run tests on less than this full branch.  
> I'll try:
>  - master plus the flapping additions
>  - metze's branch minus Douglas' patches
>  - asn's branch with the flapping additions (but not whoami)

I am building (x4) in the Catalyst Cloud:

39 sec ago 	master-and-flapping 	shortlog | log | tree
11 min ago 	no-winbind-for-4.8 	shortlog | log | tree
13 min ago 	no-catalyst-for-4.8 	shortlog | log | tree
18 min ago 	catalyst-for-4.8 	shortlog | log | tree
35 min ago 	asn-whoami 	shortlog | log | tree


Plus metze's new autobuild tree.

I'll post some results later today.

Andrew Bartlett

> We historically have always got into a muddle when we combine
> everybody's patch into one push, it feels like it would save time but
> actually takes longer:  This is because it assumes that all the patches
> work, and for example I've put in good, tested code that failed, but
> should have just failed its own autobuild, not held up yours. 
> For master, I think some builds with just the flapping tests marked
> would be good, then put that in.  Then do the rest by topic, owned by
> the author.
> In the medium term, Jamie (one of my new developers at Catalyst) is
> working to untangle our testsuite inter-dependences.  The aim here is
> to find sets of tests that:
>  - are reliable
>  - do no depend on each other
>  - consume < 4GB of RAM
>  - take less than 1 hour
> (And then to split these into parallel test environments)
> At Catalyst, running cloud builds for test is quite normal, often
> before posting and generally before pushing.  But I've noticed that
> even for me that the closer I get to the release deadline, the less
> likely I am to wait for a full 5 hour build for the absolute final
> patch.  I'm more likely to do what I did with the talloc patch: trust
> earlier tests on different code and the newly written tests and aim at
> autobuild.
> What I would like to get to is a norm where when posting patches for
> review, we post them to (say) gitlab by habit, and by the time they are
> reviewed a clear 'passed/failed' flag is shown so we don't waste time
> on patches that won't pass.  
> In the meantime I'll run our 5-hour testsuite a few more times in hope
> of getting the data on what can safely land for 4.8.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Bartlett
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