Fixing sn-devel only (was: Re: bashism again (was: Re: LDAP tests failing))

Andreas Schneider asn at
Sat Feb 10 08:41:49 UTC 2018

On Friday, 9 February 2018 19:59:32 CET Andrew Bartlett via samba-technical 
> On Fri, 2018-02-09 at 19:14 +0100, Ralph Böhme wrote:
> > can we just replace dash with bash on sn-devel?
> > 
> > Given the grieve and headache this is causing and the staggering amount of
> > work adding test for the shell scripts itself, paving over the problem by
> > replacing dash with bash looks tempting.
> I'm sorry, while incredibly tempting, just 'fixing' sn-devel would just
> make the problem worse.
> The reason is this.  While the vast majority of Samba developers only
> ever test Samba on sn-devel as part of running an autobuild, it is not
> the only test platform in use.
> * For my colleagues as Catalyst, we also test Samba on VM images of
> Ubuntu 14.04 on the Catalyst Cloud.
> * An environment (based on a Docker image) of Ubuntu 14.04 is being
> prepared to test Samba via Gitlab CI
> * Travis CI tests Samba for contributors that use GitHub, running on
> Ubuntu 14.04

Do you see the problem here?

All test machines are Ubuntu. Till now I'm the only one who runs 'make test' 
on his developer boxes (Fedora and openSUSE) to find and fix issues.

If everything is Ubuntu we keep not finding bugs because everything is just 
Ubuntu ...

> * Despite the 5 hour runtime, some developers run the full make test
> locally on their development workstations and many developers run the
> test they think they are fixing locally.

Probaby not or only on Ubuntu.



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