samba-tool ImportError: No module named param

Jeremy Allison jra at
Wed Dec 12 18:00:48 UTC 2018

On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 07:08:43PM +0200, Alexander Bokovoy via samba-technical wrote:

> It is more complex than that. PEP-0394 ( 
> says, among other things:
> - If the python command is installed, it should invoke the same version
>   of Python as the python2 command
> - One exception to this is scripts that are deliberately written to be
>   source compatible with both Python 2.x and 3.x. Such scripts may
>   continue to use python on their shebang line.
> - When packaging software that is source compatible with both versions,
>   distributions may change such python shebangs to python3. This ensures
>   software is used with the latest version of Python available, and it
>   can remove a dependency on Python 2.
> On Fedora side I'm firmly in the camp with the latter statement. This
> allows us a chance to eventually get rid of Python 2 at all. Fedora
> ships python-unversioned-command package which introduces
> /usr/bin/python as /usr/bin/python2 symlink. If you wouldn't install
> this package, you have no /usr/bin/python at all.
> > > We should make a blocker bug for 4.10. We can't ship with this mess.
> > 
> > it isn't as much of a mess as you think, the problem is that we probably
> > should be replacing the shebang on any python scripts (or tools) that are
> > delivered as part of the build (depending on which python version is
> > targetted). This is already something we are discussing but it is good to
> > get feedback. That's the purpose of getting in early into master so we can
> > iron these things out
> Yep. But having a bug serves several purposes here:
>  - it ensures the work is completed before the release
>  - it ensures the change or a choice of change is documentated in
>    release notes
>  - it ensures distributions are picking the change up

I think we certainly need a bug to track.

I also think it is a blocker for 4.10 ship.

python2 -> python3 in the python community has been handled
worse than anything we could have done going from Samba3 -> Samba4,
so that at least makes me feel better :-0.

For people like me who avoid python whenever possible (whatever happened
to perl5, although they made the same mess of perl5 -> perl6 :-)
this needs to "just work (tm)" without having to have
knowledge of the two different languages python2 and


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