Samba 4.9.0rc2 lmdb question.

Garming Sam garming at
Mon Aug 6 03:47:42 UTC 2018

>From the build scripts, it looks like we only require version >= 0.9.16
because of a particular bug we found prior to that version. From the
testing we did manage to do, we tried a few different versions (fairly
sure a few versions in 0.9.2x) as well as building from upstream source.
I don't believe we found any breaking changes, API or otherwise in that,
it's been pretty stable it seems.



On 01/08/18 23:38, L.P.H. van Belle via samba-technical wrote:
> Hai i have a few small questions about the LMDB version. 
> I want to make test package for debian with 4.9.rc2 with LMDB.
> I notice in the debian tree, 0.9.22
> I saw in the changelogs these 2. 
> lmdb (0.94)  0.9.22
> * Removed Python 2.6 support due to urllib3 warnings and pytest dropping it.
> lmdb (0.93)  ? 
> * py-lmdb currently does not support LMDB >=0.9.19 due to interface changes in
>   LMDB
> So my question is, is it safe to start with 0.9.22 or is it better to start with 0.9.18-5 ( from debian stretch/stable ) 
>> New Experimental LMDB LDB backend
>> ---------------------------------
>> A new experimental LDB backend using LMDB is now available. 
>> This allows
>> databases larger than 4Gb (Currently the limit is set to 6Gb, 
>> but this will be
>> increased in a future release). To enable lmdb, provision or 
>> join a domain using
>> the --backend-store=mdb option.
>> This requires that a version of lmdb greater than 0.9.16 is 
>> installed and that
>> samba has not been built with the --without-ldb-lmdb option.
>> Please note this is an experimental feature and is not recommended for
>> production deployments.
> Greetz, 
> Louis

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