Discuss: samba-tool configure subcommand

William Brown william at blackhats.net.au
Thu Apr 26 00:06:13 UTC 2018

On Thu, 2018-04-26 at 11:10 +1200, Douglas Bagnall wrote:
> hi William,
> On 24/04/18 18:05, William Brown via samba-technical wrote:
> > I've been setting up and trying to use samba 4 at home as my
> > primary
> > authentication source. While doing this, I've noticed a few things
> > in
> > samba-tool that could be improved to aid usability of the domain
> > controller functions for administrators.
> I'm not able to properly review these patches this week, but I would
> like to encourage you to make improvements like this.
> The intersection of people who simultaneously
> 1. understand the underlying concepts,
> 2. are new Samba users, and
> 3. have the means to make improvements
> is vanishingly small (i.e. it's you). We need you to write these
> patches before Stockholm syndrome sets in and you internalise the
> existing UI as a-priori correct.

Thank you for these awesome words of encouragement. I have plenty of
other ideas of CLI improvements that I would like to make in the coming
weeks. I'm currently in the process of converting my home network from
LDAP -> Samba 4, and as I hit these issues I "write the tool" rather
than applying raw ldifs. I know that if I find it annoying (and I'm an
LDAP person) everyone else must find it just as bad!

So far I've touched dsacls, and this, but I also want to add some
schema query commands (what objectClass takes this attribute?) and
maybe a security audit tool. 

I hope that I can stave off stockholm-syndrome for as long as possible
in this case :) 

Thanks again! 


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