Latest Time Machine Patch

Omri Mor omri50 at
Thu Sep 21 04:05:24 UTC 2017

> I personally agree with a warning in case a user sets strict sync to
> no. I have added the check and reattached the patch series. Can I have
> a review for these?
> (Reordering/breaking up the commits was the most "interesting" time I
> have had with Git to date. I have verified that they match in terms of
> authors, dates, and content but if I messed something up please let me
> know)
> Thanks,
> Kevin Anderson
> <0001-vfs_fruit-Add-Time-Machine-support.patch><0002-docs-vfs_fruit-Add-Time-Machine-support.patch><0003-s3-smbd-register-TimeMachine-shares-with-avahi.patch>

A user on GitHub brought up that on macOS High Sierra, which is due to be released quite soon, the new file system (APFS) doesn’t support Time Machine over AFP (
It would thus be great to have the Time Machine over SMB support in Samba ready to go for the next release.


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