Hey admins. It's not nice.

Tony Malykh anton.malykh at gmail.com
Mon May 22 17:29:18 UTC 2017

Looks like you don't let my question about compiling talloc on Cygwin through.

Fine. How about you edit the talloc web page and remove the mention of
this list from there? Currently it says, if you have any questions
about talloc, write to samba-technical. This is wasting my time and
everybody's time.

And you ought to say that talloc is not maintained anymore, because it
looks like so. There are plenty of people on the internet trying to
compile talloc on Cygwin and maybe on other platforms and failing.
Maybe you should mention that talloc is abandoned so that the
developers of future applications will not depend on it, knowing that
they won't be able to get any support.

That's not nice, guys, not nice.

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