[WHATSNEW] Samba AD with MIT Kerberos + Version change

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Thu May 4 07:21:44 UTC 2017

On Wednesday, 3 May 2017 17:22:36 CEST Rowland Penny via samba-technical 
> On Wed, 3 May 2017 08:33:14 -0600
> Jeff Sadowski <jeff.sadowski at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Thoughts on not having something run on a port. seLinux on Fedora,
> > Centos. Apparmor for Debian, Ubuntu. I really wish they made those
> > things easier to use. For testing I always disable them as best I can.
> Apparmor isn't installed, so it isn't that.
> OK, fresh git pull:
> samba -V
> Version 4.7.0pre1-GIT-61d6882b54d
> I did the two changes as recommended by Andreas and then compiled with:
> ./configure --with-system-mitkrb5
> make
> make install
> I now get an error, python doesn't like Andreas's second patch, so
> back to mine:
> from samba import is_heimdal_built
> import os
> def make_kdcconf(realm, domain, kdcconfdir, logdir):
>     if is_heimdal_built:
>         return
> The provision command works, but kdc.conf is not created.
> I do not have any Heimdal packages installed, but it seems that the
> provision seems to think that Heimdal has been built. Looking in
> pyglue.c , it seems that the test is if 'SAMBA4_USES_HEIMDAL' is
> defined somewhere and as it seems to returning True, it must be ;-(

I will look into it after my talk today.

SAMBA4_USES_HEIMDAL is defined in bin/default/include/config.h

after you run configure.


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