Usability of 'samba-tool domain provision'

Rowland Penny repenny241155 at
Wed May 4 10:09:45 UTC 2016

On 04/05/16 10:29, Peter C. Kelly wrote:
> Andreas said:
>> This documents issues I
>> found during provisioning. samba-tool is far away from being user friendly.
>> a) It isn't clear what domain is from 'samba-tool domain provison --help'
> I have raised bug 11894, and attached a patch which addresses this
> point as per Rowland's suggested wording.
>> b) The --realm option is essential but at the end of the help ...
> The reason that the realm is way down the bottom is that it is under a
> heading "Samba Common Options", along with configFile debuglevel and
> option.
> What is currently holding me up from developing the second trivial
> patch is a need for a bit more clarity on how this --help output
> should look.  It seems to me that if the --domain parameter is
> compulsory, then the heading text should say so,
> and that if a realm has to be specified (or read in from an existing
> conf file) then perhaps that should be mentioned in the introductory
> text as well.
> As I am a first time contributor I would be happy to make these
> trivial changes, if I can get further input on what changes are
> desirable.
> Thanks,
> Peter

Hi, I did some work on this and sent Andreas a new that 
addressed all of the issues he raised, I am still awaiting a reply from 
Andreas (hint, hint)

Basically all the problems arise because there is little or no error 
checking in the provision class e.g. the Administrator 
password isn't checked to see if it complies with the required complexity.


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