[PATCH][WIP] Improve replication restore tombstone reanimation

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Mar 27 02:49:14 UTC 2016


I've been working to make our replication code pass a much nastier set
of tests than we have attempted in the past, and in the process have
found and fixed a large number of issues related to renames, conflict
records and in particular the handling for children of changes to
parent objects.

The tests pass against Win2012R2, with the exception of the tests that
invoke --local.

The patches are in tombstone-reanimation in

I've also been bold enough to restore the tests for tombstone
reanimation.  I was never able to reproduce the failure locally or in
the Catalyst Cloud, so I'll need to schedule a time when we can again
try this on sn-devel for a large run.

Given the issues fixed by this patch, it is reasonable to try again and
get tombstone reanimation into git master.  I can't however say that
any specific patch is targeted at it, as I don't know what the root
cause of the failure was.

Also included are a fixed autobuild 'last 50 lines' patch, and a
dbcheck for a missing deleted objects container (this needs a specific

Please comment and review,


Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
Authentication Developer, Samba Team         https://samba.org
Samba Development and Support, Catalyst IT   

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